We are a clean and bright spa retreat in North Miami, Florida, offering kiddie and adult spa treatment. Our pedicure services let you and your child find an excuse to spend some mother-daughter time together. After your child's nail service has been completed, they are scooted off in the child play area. At the same time, mummy gets that extra pampering for herself!

We offer dedicated children and adult nail care services. We welcome the delicate needs of those young little hands and treat them with chemical-free organic manicure products and services approved for kids aged 0-10. We love when little girls and boys come to our store on special occasions! It is so much fun!

Why Kids Go Kuts?

If you are searching for a "pedicure salon near me," look no further. Kids Go Kuts has your back for all the hand care treatment needs of beautiful mothers and their cute children! We are a prompt place for on-the-go guardians and parents, entertaining and fun for infants, toddlers, and children, and reasonably priced to satisfy all the delicate haircare needs of you and your kids!

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