1st Haircut

Perhaps the most satisfying thing to watch is your happy toddler having his/her first visit to the barber! With a touch of finesse and preparation for the little but loud, we can make your toddler’s first visit a treat, not a trial!

Kids Go Kuts is trusted by Floridians as the most reliable baby's first haircut salon. Your baby’s first haircut is a big moment for parents, siblings, and grandparents! Cherish and treasure that moment when your child gets his/her first haircut! Get a keepsake certificate and the strands of the first hairs of your child!

We know all the tricks to help your little one feel comfortable and easy! We have prizes, iPads, tablets, car chairs, and much more to keep them occupied!

Why Kids Go Kuts?

If you are searching for a "haircut salon for babies," look no further. Kids Go Kuts has your back for all haircare treatment needs of beautiful mothers and their cute children! We are a prompt place for on-the-go guardians and parents, entertaining and fun for infants, toddlers, and children, and reasonably priced to satisfy all the delicate haircare needs of you and your kids!

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